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On its own initiative or following a request from a Member
State or the Commission, the Authority shall evaluate whether the
opinion or the authorisation is still in accordance with this Regu-
lation, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 10,
where applicable. The Authority may, where necessary, consult
the applicant.
The Commission shall examine the opinion of the Author-
ity without delay and prepare a draft specific measure to be taken.
A draft specific measure modifying an authorisation shall
specify any necessary changes in the conditions of use and, if any,
in the restrictions attached to that authorisation.
A final specific measure on the modification, suspension or
revocation of the authorisation shall be adopted in accordance
with the procedure referred to in Article 23(2).
Article 13
Competent authorities of Member States
Each Member State shall notify to the Commission and to the
Authority the name and address, as well as a contact point, of the
national competent authority or authorities designated to be
responsible in its territory for receiving the application for autho-
risation referred to in Articles 9 to 12. The Commission shall pub-
lish the name and address of the national competent authorities
as well as the contact points notified in accordance with this
Article 14
Administrative review
Any act adopted under, or failure to exercise, the powers vested
in the Authority by this Regulation may be reviewed by the Com-
mission on its own initiative or in response to a request from a
Member State or from any person directly and individually
To this effect a request shall be submitted to the Commission
within two months from the day on which the party concerned
became aware of the act or omission in question.
The Commission shall take a decision within two months requir-
ing, if appropriate, the Authority to undo its act or to remedy its
failure to act.
Article 15
Without prejudice to the specific measures referred to in
Article 5, materials and articles, which are not yet in contact with
food when placed on the market, shall be accompanied by:
(a) the words `for food contact', or a specific indication as to
their use, such as coffee machine, wine bottle, soup spoon, or
the symbol reproduced in Annex II;
(b) if necessary, special instructions to be observed for safe and
appropriate use;
(c) the name or trade name and, in either case, the address or
registered office of the manufacturer, processor, or seller
responsible for placing on the market established within the
(d) adequate labelling or identification to ensure traceability of
the material or article, as described in Article 17;
(e) in the case of active materials and articles, information on the
permitted use or uses and other relevant information such as
the name and quantity of the substances released by the active
component so as to enable food business operators who use
these materials and articles to comply with any other relevant
Community provisions or, in their absence, national provi-
sions applicable to food, including the provisions on food
The information referred to in paragraph 1(a) shall not,
however, be obligatory for any articles which, because of their
characteristics, are clearly intended to come into contact with
The information required by paragraph 1 shall be conspicu-
ous, clearly legible and indelible.
Retail trade in materials and articles shall be prohibited if the
information required under paragraph (1)(a), (b) and (e) is not
given in a language easily understood by purchasers.
Official Journal of the European Union
L 338/11