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Appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the
ceramic articles comply with the migration limits for lead
and cadmium set out in Article 2 shall be made available by
the manufacturer or the importer into the Community to the
national competent authorities on request. That documen-
tation shall contain the results of the analysis carried out,
the test conditions and the name and the address of the
laboratory that performed the testing.
(*) OJ L 338, 13.11.2004, p. 4.
2. Annex II is replaced by the text in Annex I to this Directive.
3. A new Annex III, the text of which is set out in Annex II to
this Directive, is added.
Article 2
Member States shall adopt and publish, by 20 May 2006
at the latest, the laws, regulations and administrative provisions
necessary to comply with this Directive. They shall forthwith
communicate to the Commission the text of those provisions
and a correlation table between those provisions and this
They shall apply those provisions in such a way as to:
(a) permit the trade in and use of ceramic articles complying
with this Directive, from 20 May 2006;
(b) prohibit the manufacture and importation into the
Community of ceramic articles which do not comply with
this Directive, from 20 May 2007.
When Member States adopt those provisions, they shall contain
a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such a
reference on the occasion of their official publication. Member
States shall determine how such reference is to be made.
Member States shall communicate to the Commission the
text of the main provisions of national law which they adopt in
the field covered by this Directive.
Article 3
This Directive shall enter into force on the twentieth day
following its publication in the Official Journal of the European
Article 4
This Directive is addressed to the Member States.
Done at Brussels, 29 April 2005.
For the Commission
Member of the Commission
Official Journal of the European Union
L 110/37