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5.2. Determination of lead and/or cadmium
-- The sample thus prepared is tested under the conditions laid down in Annex I.
-- Before taking the test solution for determining lead and/or cadmium, homogenise the content of the sample by
an appropriate method, which avoids any loss of solution or abrasion of the surface being tested.
-- Carry out a blank test on the reagent used for each series of determinations.
-- Carry out determinations for lead and/or cadmium under appropriate conditions.'
The written declaration referred to in Article 2a(1) shall contain the following information:
1. the identity and address of the company which manufactures the finished ceramic article and of the importer who
imports it into the Community;
2. the identity of the ceramic article;
3. the date of the declaration;
4. the confirmation that the ceramic article meets relevant requirements in this Directive and Regulation (EC)
No 1935/2004.
The written declaration shall permit an easy identification of the goods for which it is issued and shall be renewed when
substantial changes in the production bring about changes in the migration of lead and cadmium.
Official Journal of the European Union
L 110/39