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(b) the FRF is applicable to migration into simulants, provided the fat content of the food to be packed is known
and the requirements mentioned in point 2a are fulfilled.
(c) the Total Reduction Factor (TRF) is the factor, with a maximum value of 5, by which a measured specific
migration into simulant D or a substitute shall be divided before comparison with the legal limit. It is
obtained by multiplying the DRF by the FRF, when both factors are applicable.
(2) The following point 5a is inserted:
`5a. Caps, lids, gaskets, stoppers and similar sealing articles:
(a) If the intended use is known, such articles shall be tested by applying them to the containers for which they
are intended under conditions of closure corresponding to the normal or foreseeable use. It is assumed that
these articles are in contact with a quantity of food filling the container. The results shall be expressed in
mg/kg or mg/dm
in accordance to the rules of Articles 2 and 7 taking into account the whole contact
surface of sealing article and container.
(b) If the intended use of these articles is unknown, such articles shall be tested in a separate test and the result
be expressed in mg/article. The value obtained shall be added, if appropriate, to the quantity migrated from
the container for which it is intended to be used.
L 91/24
Official Journal of the European Union