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Note for Guidance for Food Contact Materials
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For volatile substances where GC is employed then confirmation by GV/MS (scanning or
selected ion monitoring) is appropriate polarity or derivative formation. For non-volatile
substances using HPLC, confirmation can be carried out by GC/MS after formation of a
suitable volatile derivative or by using at least one other HPLC column with differing
separation characteristics and a different solvent system, and/or stopped-flow scanning
UV or fluorescence studies.

Statement of the detection limit of the method of analysis and the limit of quantification.
The analytical tolerance that will be applied to QM or SML limits will depend on the
performance of the method and the calculation of a critical difference value that can only
be obtained by inter-laboratory collaborative trial. However, the method should include a
statement of the within-laboratory "repeatability" of the method obtained by the proposer
of the method or similar laboratory.

The test report should give the relevant information on the method used.