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Question 3
Could the Committee accept an adjustment to the present convention by introducing a
FRF when the estimation of exposure is made by testing for migration into a fatty
food simulant?
Answer 3
The same considerations mentioned in the second answer apply here also.
It is the Committee's task to recommend concentrations in foodstuffs, and consequent
exposure, that are considered to be safe. It is the responsibility of the Commission to
ensure that, if a fatty food simulant is used (including conventional or alternative or
substitute fat simulants) to test materials for migration, the system used provides a
suitable approach to estimate the
migration potential from the material into a fatty
food. The extrapolation of data obtained from conventional test using simulants to
evaluate of migrants in fatty foods involves consideration of the different extraction
power between the fatty foodstuffs and the pure fat simulant, the test conditions (e.g.
time, temperature, contact area: food mass ratio), the fat content of fatty foods and the
consumption of fatty foods. If the Commission decided to introduce the FRF for the
fatty simulant, the Committee recommends that the limitations suggested by the
Commission task force (2) are considered, to maintain the corrections of exposure
close to the current system.
Final version of CEFIC-FCA document entitled "EU Food Consumption Factor for
fat" (Parts I and II)
Minutes of the Commission task force EMB 806 final, 7 March 2002.