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2.3.3 Laminated product, laminate: Two or more layers of similar or different materials
combined by means of a laminating process (2.2.2)
2.3.4 Laminated paper, laminated board: Laminated product (2.3.3) in which at least one layer is
paper or board.
2.3.5 Impregnated product: Substrate permeated with a liquid by impregnation. (2.2.3)
2.3.6 Impregnated paper or board: Impregnated product (2.3.5) in which the impregnated layer is
paper or board (see Note under 2.2.3).
2.4.1 Perforation: Holes in the polymeric layer made by boring, piercing or stamping.
Note: Although these combinations come within the field of application of the Directive 2002/72/EC, testing
with liquid simulants according the rules laid down in Directive 82/711/EEC is not possible.
2.4.2 Pinholes: Unintentional small holes in the polymeric layer occurring during the coating
The presence of pinholes can sometimes make migration testing with liquid simulants impossible.