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EU legislation: List of pertinent Directives
84/500/EEC [A8]
Migration limits for Cd/Pb
Field of application of Directive 84/500/EEC
Article 1.2
This Directive concerns the possible migration of lead and cadmium from ceramic articles which, in their finished state, are
intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, or which are in contact with foodstuffs, and are intended for that purpose.
Article 1.3
'Ceramic articles' means articles manufactured from a mixture of inorganic materials with a generally high argillaceous or
silicate content to which small quantities of organic materials may have been added. These articles are first shaped and the
shape thus obtained is permanently fixed by firing. They may be glazed, enamelled and/or decorated.
Possible migration of lead and cadmium from the inner surface of a ceramic lid underlies the
same limits as ceramic vessels (Article 2.3).
Migration limits for lead and cadmium
Directive 84/500/EEC has established for lead and cadmium limits expressed according to
the vessel type in mg/dmē (QMA) or in mg/l (SML).
Article 2.4
Articles which cannot be filled and articles which can be filled, the internal depth of which, measured from the lowest point
to the horizontal plane passing through the upper rim, does not exceed 25 mm:
0.8 mg/dmē for lead
0.07 mg/dmē for cadmium
All other articles which can be filled:
4.0 mg/l for lead
0.3 mg/l for cadmium
Cooking ware; packaging and storage vessels having a capacity of more than three litres:
1.5 mg/l for lead
0.1 mg/l for cadmium