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Juridical instruments on general aspects of foodstuff legislation
[C1] 69/414/EEC
Council Decision of 13 November 1969 setting up a Standing Committee for Foodstuffs
O.J. n L291, of 19.11.1969, p. 9
(Setting up the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs)
[C2] 74/234/EEC
Commission Decision of 16 April 1974 relating to the institution of a Scientific Committee for Food
O.J. n L136, of 20.05.1974, p. 1
(Setting up the Scientific Committee on Foodstuffs)
[C3] 80/1073/EEC
Commission Decision of 24 October 1980 establishing a new statute of the Advisory Committee on Foodstuffs
O.J. n L318, of 26.11.1980, p. 28
(Repeals old Commission Decision 75/420/EEC
as amended by Commission Decision 78/758/EEC)
[C4] COM (85) 603 final
Completion of the internal market: Community legislation on Foodstuffs
(Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament)
(New strategy for harmonisation of laws in the sector of foodstuffs)
[C5] 86/241/EEC
Commission Decision of 16 April 1986, amending Decision 74/234/EEC with respect to the number of members of the
Scientific Committee for Food
O.J. n L163, of 19.06.1986, p. 40
(Scientific Committee on Foodstuffs)
[C6] 89/C271/03
Communication on the free movement of foodstuffs within the Community
O.J. n C271, of 24.10.1989, p. 3
(Rules applicable in the absence of EU provisions)
[C7] 93/5/EEC
Council Directive 93/5/EEC of 25 February 1993 on assistance to the Commission and co-operation by the Member States in
the scientific examination of questions relating to food
O.J. n L52, of 4.3.93, p. 18
(Co-operation between Scientific Committee for Food and institutes in the Member States)
Other related Directives
[D1] 178/2002
Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002 laying down the
general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down
procedures in matters of food safety.
O.J n L31, of 1.2.2002, p.1
(Food Law)