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in one of the three official languages - English, German and French, For example in the UK as BSI
EN 1186 and in Germany as DIN EN 1186.
Seven Working Groups have been formed with the following titles:
Working Group 1 - Overall Migration from plastics
Working Group 2 - Methods of test for monomers
Working Group 3 - Methods for metal release from ceramics
Working Group 4 - Miscellaneous protocols and test methods (see below)
Working Group 5 - Polymeric coatings on metal substrates for food contact
Working Group 6 - Polymeric coatings on cellulosic substrates for food contact
Working Group 8 - Test methods for BADGE, BFDGE plus reaction products, and NOGE

The list of Work Items assigned to Working Group 4 is given below:

methods for measurement of temperature at food/plastics interface
method for determination of free fat on the surface of foodstuffs.
method(s) for determination of molecular weights of polymeric additives

A reorganisation of the Working Groups took place early 2001 and the following Working Groups are
currently active:
Working Group 1 (includes any future work arising from Working Group 4 Work Items)
Working Group 2
Working Group 8

Working Groups 3, 4, 5 and 6 are currently not active having completed their work on the assigned
Work Items.

In addition Task Group 9 is carrying out preliminary investigations on test methods for primary
aromatic amines for Sub-Committee 1.

Task Group 9 was formed in October, 2001. The test methods are required for testing for compliance
with the restriction for primary aromatic amines in European Commission Directive 2001/62/EC of
August 2001, which was the 6
amendment to Directive 90/128.EEC relating to plastic materials
and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
(now incorporated in Annex V of codified
Directive 2002/72/EC). An application for a new Work Item(s) is to be made by CEN TC194/SC1 for
the test methods. It is intended that the test methods will become an EN standard.

Many of the Work Items in the Work Programme of Sub-Committee 1 have now been completed.
These are detailed below. Work Items which are currently active include two Work Items for the
BADGE/BFDGE/NOGE test methods assigned to Working Group 8.

Applications have recently been made for two new Work Items for documents to be produced as CEN
Technical Reports (CEN/TR). It is intended that these Work Items will be assigned to Working Group

The titles of the new Work Items are:
Estimation of migration by generally recognized diffusion models in support of European
Commission Directive 2002/72/EC