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For some of the test methods precision data - `r' repeatability values and `R' reproducibility values -
have been acquired from various collaborative trials which have taken place with parts of the draft
For the remainder of the test methods, collaborative trials were completed during 2001 to produce `r'
and `R' precision data. These trials were covered by funding under the mandate and all reports were
published by the Target Date of end December, 2001. As these precision data were produced after
drafting of the corresponding test methods/parts of the standard had been finalised, it is intended to
publish the data in the first revision of EN 1186 Part 1 and other relevant parts. These revisions are
expected to be made within the next two/three years and will also take account of relevant changes
made in amendments of the Commission's `plastics' Directives.
The test method: Determination of overall migration from polymeric coatings on metal substrates has
been approved by CEN members and ratified, implemented and published as a CEN/Technical
Specification - CEN/TS 14235. (The draft of this test method was produced by Working Group 5 and
finalised by Working Group 1).
The Working Group 1/Task Group 7 work to produce a report on in-house validation protocols to
provide precision data for future test methods produced as EN standards by the Working Groups of
the Sub-Committee, has been completed and is due to be published as a CEN Technical Report
(CEN/TR) early 2003. Working Group 1 intend to use the data in the report to produce working
Working Group 2:
Standard for test methods for plastics monomers prEN 13130
The test methods for plastics monomers in the EN standard under preparation are performed on
plastics materials and articles to establish compliance with the individual SML and/or QM restriction
assigned to the particular plastics monomer in European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC relating
to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
. The plastics
monomers, for which test methods are included in the standard, were selected on the basis of extent of
use, and potential consumer exposure.
There are eight initial Parts of the draft standard - seven plastics monomer test methods and a Part 1
`Guide' . The `Guide' is for use by the analyst to help select the appropriate method of exposure and
the test conditions, and to assist in the interpretation of the test results.
The eight Parts of the standard were published initially as an ENV standard under the number ENV
13130, in May 1999.
In the draft of the Part 1 `Guide' for the EN standard, extensive revisions have been made, taking
account of experience in use of the ENV standard and also changes to testing protocols made in
European Commission Directive 97/48/EC - the second amendment to Council Directive 82/711/EEC
laying down the basic rules necessary for testing migration of constituents of plastic materials and
articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
Minor changes have been made to the seven plastics monomer test methods in the drafts prepared for
the EN standard.
The detailed titles of the eight parts of the ENV standard are given below in Table 2. The titles of the
corresponding Parts of the EN standard are expected to be similar.
Table 2
List of parts of ENV 13130: Monomer test methods for plastics materials and articles
intended to come into contact with foodstuffs