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The directives mentioned above should not apply to the layers only in indirect contact with
foodstuffs, if any migration of substances through the direct food contact layer can be ruled
out, i.e. if the food contact layer acts as a "functional barrier". The duty to prove the absence
of migration from indirect food contact remains with the producer of the article. In the
absence of experimental proof of a functional barrier, all the layers should comply with the
rules applicable to them. The Commission intends in future to define the concept of
functional barrier to clarify the legal status of multi-layers.
10.4. Deterioration of organoleptic properties
At this time, no validated method for assessing deterioration of the organoleptic properties of
foodstuffs exists. As a reference, it may be noted that the following tests are carried out at
national level:
DIN 10955 (1983): 'Sensory testing of packaging materials and packages for food
Sensory analysis; Packaging and Food Utensils regulation Staatscourant No 88
of 12/05/98
United Kingdom
S 3755 (1964): 'Methods of test for the assessment of odour from packaging materials
used for foodstuffs'
S 5929, Part 3 (1984, ISO 4120 - 1983): 'Sensory analysis of food'
Other national and international references will be provided as soon as made available to the
Since no method for the sensory evaluation of materials for use in ordinary and microwave
ovens is described in the literature, in 1992 the Fraunhofer-Institut für
Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung (ILV) elaborated on request of the Commission the
methods described in appendices 1 and 2.