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The general strategy is summarised in Figure 1. Each step of this strategy was carefully
optimised. For the box "quantification of migrants with an SML", reference is made to other,
more dedicated work, such as CEN TC 194/SC1/ENV 13130.
Figure 1: the general scheme (*here general approaches are presented; for specific
migration methods, refer to work of CEN TC 194/SC1/ENV 13130). Modelling and
mutagenicity testing are presented respectively in parts 2 and 3 of this work.
Identification of the polymer
by a pre-selected solvent
Residual metals
(atomic absorption)
Volatile potential
(GC, headspace)
From fingerprint to identification
- fingerprint by H-NMR, HT-GC
- identification by GC (+ MS, FTIR), HPLC
Quantification of the migrants with an SML*
Relationship extraction/migration
Design of alternative tests