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This document contains all the monomers and additives (see an explanation of the terms in the
appendix 1 and 2) notified to the European Commission in view of their use in plastic materials
intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. It summarises the Community situation and the
evaluations of the listed substances carried out by a) the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF)
until May 2003 and b) the AFC Panel on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and
materials in contact with food of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which replaced
the SCF, until 27 April 2005. This document should not be considered the appropriate
document to examine the legal situation of surface coatings even if a certain number of
substances that are used only in surface coatings appear in this document. The document
contains the monomers and additives listed in the inventory list of the Council of Europe
Resolution AP (2004) on coatings intended to come into food contact. However, not all
substances listed have been evaluated by the SCF or by EFSA.

In principle, this document does not contain aids to polymerisation, colorants, inks, adhesives
and solvents, although some may be listed. Moreover, it must be stressed that the substances
appearing in this document shall not be considered, at this stage, as the only monomers and
additives legally used at Community level because the process of harmonisation of the national
lists is ongoing. To know whether or not a substance, which does not appear in the Community
directives, is authorised in the Member States, it is necessary to examine national laws or to
consult the national authorities, whose address can be found in the document "EU and
National Authorities
In conclusion this document should be considered as a working document
and not as a legal or binding document, and, therefore, it may be subject to
relevant modifications (integration, deletion and changes).
The Commission services intend to include definitively in the future Community lists, if any,
only the substances classified into lists 0-4 by SCF or EFSA. The date when the list of
additives (see definition later) becomes a positive list will be fixed before 31 December 2007.
The persons interested in a substance classified into SCF lists 6-9, are invited to submit as
soon as possible and not later than 31 December 2006 the data requested by EFSA following
the recommendations of "Note for Guidance", included in the website. The authorisation
procedure is described in the Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. For further
information on the list of additives see "Practical Guide", Chapter I, Section 3 Paragraph

At this stage, the Commission services are unable to specify whether the list will be extended
to aids to polymerisation ("substances which directly influence the formation of polymers"),
colorants, solvents, inks and adhesives. Therefore any extrapolation of the list to these
substances is premature. Moreover, the Commission services can only add a) that the
discussion on the type of rules to be applied to these substances will start after the Community
lists for monomers and additives for plastics and coatings are adopted and b) that they are
unable to specify any date on this matter.