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Tetra Pak states that ITX has been eliminated from infant formula product packages since
October 2005.

The identified substance (ITX) is not on the
World Health Organization
(WHO) list of
substances detrimental to human health. Furthermore, ITX is not prohibited for use in food
packaging by the EU.
Most importantly, available research indicates that
ITX represents no known health effects
The presence of ITX is linked to UV inks used in offset printing; a technology used widely by
numerous food packaging companies.
Tetra Pak has a long history of holding its packages and packaging equipment to the
highest standard of food quality and safety in the industry. Consistent with this, we have
decided to change to
alternative printing methods that don't use photoinitiators in those
products where there is a potential for
, said Jörgen Haglind, Senior Vice
President, Communications at Tetra Pak.
Tetra Pak supplies hundreds of different types of carton packaging formats. Tetra Pak is
one of three independent industry groups that belong to the Tetra Laval Group. The other
two are DeLaval and Sidel.