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Migration < 0.05 mg/kg
Genotoxicity. In first instance, three in vitro mutagenicity assays
a test for gene mutations in bacteria
a test for chromosomal aberrations in cultured mammalian cells
a test for gene mutations in cultured mammalian cells
0.05 < Migration < 5 mg/kg
subchronic (90-day) oral study
peroxisome proliferation potential (alkyl esters)
neurotoxicity (phosphoric and phophorous acid esters)
metabolism information
data on the potential for accumulation in man
5 < Migration < 60 mg/kg
ADME, adsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
chronic (2 year) study for data on long-term toxicity/carcinogenicity
reproduction data
teratogenicity data
effects on the immune system