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Directive 2002/72/EC [A29] is a specific Directive in the sense of the Framework
Directive 89/109/EEC; like similar specific directives, its provisions are not
restricted to packaging materials (see Section 2, 2. Field of application of the
Framework Directive). Monomers or other starting substances used to
manufacture these plastic materials and articles are addressed specifically.
Directive 2002/72/EC establishes:
The field of application;
The global migration limit for all plastic materials and articles;
A positive list of authorised monomers and other starting substances, with restrictions on their
use (such as specific migration limits) where applicable;
An incomplete list of authorised additives and for some of them, restrictions on their use (such
as specific migration limits),
The dates of enforcement of the legislation;
The procedures for adapting, revising and/or completing the positive list of its Annexes.